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Hướng dẫn cài đặt php-mcrypt module trên centos 7 plesk

For for CentOS , Scientific Linux , and Oracle Linux The php-mcrypt package is available from RPMforge and EPEL repositories. Add the repository to the server and install the package using the yum utility: yum install epel-release Then, install the php-mcrypt module: yum install php-mcrypt For Debian based OS: apt-get...


Hướng dẫn thay đổi vhosts directory trong plesk

Download it using wget and make the file executable: wget chmod +x It’s a PERL script, which means it needs prefixed with ‘perl’ to be called. Say you want to move your vhosts directory to /home/vhosts, you’d call it like this: perl –dest-dir /home/vhosts –correct-scripts Moving files...